“We don’t use the best we have.
We use the best that can be.”

Since its founding in 1997 in Manhattan, SB GROUPE (a.k.a. SB DESIGN & MARKETING) we have been working corporations in
fashion, antique, architecture, interior, cosmetic and food & beverage industries, including the clients such as
Stark, Tommy Hilfiger, Doris Leslie Blau, Lasio, Food Network, Caesers Entertainment, Share our Strength, etc.


SB GROUPE’s specialty is building the brand and business management from consulting (market research), creating
B.I. (C.I.), digital marketing (B2C and B2B), Public Relations (media connection and outreach) for the most successful
establishment of corporations/individuals.


C.E.O. Seolbin Park is the Founder and also Chief Director at SB GROUPE which now has partnerships with NYC & Company,
Finder Group, Caesars Entertainment, Food Network, NYCWFF as a communal bridge between NYC top trends and
ethical cultural contents.


The list of media partners includes The New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, NBC,
New York Magazine, Washington Post, OWN, MTV, Travel Channel, just to name a few, that totals over 10,000
major publications in the States. Most of them roots their headquarters in NYC.